Client Testimonials

Mr. Santamaria is a powerhouse realtor with an array wealth of knowledge and we cannot thank you enough. In our journey he was very instrumental, we never felt left behind and kept us informed in every step of the way. When in doubt in any areas he would gladly explain and simplify it for us to understand. His service is impeccable, always following up with a call or message. Mr. Santamaria won our trust, my family gives him our highest recommendation, It was surely a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

Darling, Edgar and Children

Jose Santamaria sold my $750,000 house in 3 days in Dallas, TX. I recommend Jose highly, he makes things happen.

Dr. Serge L

I met Jose Santamaria while he was visiting our hospital and as a nurse he was able to educate me on the process of qualifying, so I could purchase my brand new home, a new build construction. I recommend Mr. Santamaria to everyone especially to all first time home buyers. He will help you and keep in touch with you, he has become like family to me. As a single parent this means a lot to me.

Elizabeth – Nurse

Jose was able to find my family and I our current home and we are very thankful.

Marisol, Children and Martin O. – Garland

Mr. Santamaria is an awesome Realtor, we recommend him and his company to anyone wanting to sell their house, he was able to sell it fast.

Kathy M.

As a Navy veteran I was blown away by Jose’s patience and listening skills, now my wife, my children and I are the proud owners of a brand new construction home. We were always wanting our brand new home built with Smart home technology.

Brandy, Kids and Phil – Josephine

Mr. Santamaria was able to help us purchase 116 acres and I loved the way he was able to negotiate on our behalf, he was able to get us a great buy. If you need a Realtor with land experience, Jose is your guy.

Maria and George M. – Farmersville

I met Mr. Santamaria while he was a patient at our Retina eye Doctor’s office and I am glad I did because he was able to be our Realtor and my family and I are now the proud owners of our brand new construction new home. We give thanks every day.

Amber, our gang of 6 and Josh P.

Jose Santamaria listed and sold my home it was a pleasure working with Jose. He sold our home in Murphy, TX and found us our new home in Wylie, TX. He was very attentive to what we wanted and took time to answer any questions or concerns we had…along with an added dose of humor. I would recommend anyone to work with Jose when looking to buy or sell. Not only a great realtor but a great guy.

Julie & Gary J. – Veteran

Jose has represented me in the purchase of 3 investment homes and he will continue to be our go to Realtor for life. This way I can add another purchase to my portfolio each time.

Freddy N.

Jose came highly recommended as a 1031Exchange experienced Realtor, Jose has represent us in the house we purchased and plus three other investment homes that we use as rental, moving here from Covina California my wife and I put our trust in him and he has been a Godsend.

Linda & Bob H.

Relocating from out of state, my husband and I were pleased at the friendly reception we received while visiting here in Wylie at Jose’s office. Now we are the proud owners of our dream home near Hubbard lake.

Alane and Jay. – Garland

When my husband and I were going through our divorce our attorney suggested that if we were going to sell our house that we do it now and quickly, so we contacted Jose Santamaria and he was able to sell our house real quick and thank God he did. I appreciate you Jose, you did a wonderful job and I will always be grateful.

Susan and Paul – Sachse, Texas

When my mother passed away, I contacted an old friend Jose Santamaria to sell my mother’s house in Arlington Texas since I live in Central Texas, Jose was able to arrange the selling of the content of the house and help us find the rest of the heirs so we could sell the house, I want to thank you and your team for being so helpful.

Craig S – Out of town seller

I wanted to sell my house and my banker recommended Jose Santamaria, So I contacted Jose Santamaria and he was able to sell our house and allow us to go to Arizona for our health. Now we are back in Texas and Jose helped us find another house to buy and we are enjoying our new home in Rowlett.

Ramona and Larry W. – Veteran- Rowlett, Texas

I am in the landscaping business I always wanted to buy some acreage and Jose was able to help us find 15 wonderful acres in and a big metal building so I can store all my landscaping equipment , thank you Mr. Santamaria for all your help.

Pedro S – Lavon, TX

My mother call me and told me that she had met a wonderful Realtor in Walmart, so I called Jose Santamaria and was able sell my house that another realtor was not able to, I am so glad my mother ran into Mr. Santamaria. I will always recommend you Sir.

Benny N – Marine Veteran Royce City

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Jose Santamaria for helping me sell my house in Dallas and thank you for helping me buy my new home in Mesquite.

Raul V. – Dallas, Texas Seller and Buyer

When we decided to move to Texas, my son recommended Jose Santamaria as the realtor to help us, thank you Jose for serving our needs and helping is fine our dream home, you were awesome.

Bibiana & Gene M. – Freehold, NJ

Jose Santamaria was very nice to work with. I recommend Jose to help anyone that wants to sell their house and he has also helped us in selling some land, thank you.

Betsy and Mike A. – Wylie, TX Army Veteran

As a first time home buyer, who was recommended to Mr. Santamaria and he helped me find our new home and i love that I am paying as much for buying a home then I was in renting.

Fabian Guereov – Veteran Farmersville TX

While my husband was in the hospital in intensive care and the prognosis was that he may not live, Jose was able to help us sell our house quickly. Thank you Jose.

Colleen and Allen – Happy Sellers

We met Jose at an open house next-door to our house and we contacted him to help us sell our house, which he did and we are grateful, thank you Jose you are the best.

Maria & Jimmie M. – Happy Sellers

We met Jose at our church and a few months later Jose was able to help us sell our house and move into a senior living. I recommend Jose Santamaria to anybody who wants to sell their house.

Mary and Neil L. – Wylie, Texas

After facing possible foreclosure, i contacted Jose Santamaria to assist us in selling our house. He was wonderful, listened, and kept us informed trough the entire selling process, If you are wanting to sell your house, Contact Jose and he will help you in every way possible.

Jenniffer and Scott – Happy Sellers

We did not know anything about buying raw land and our cousin recommended Mr. Santamaria and we are so happy that we did because he taught us a lot and he helped us out, I recommend Mr. Santamaria since he has a lot of experience.

Paulina and Juan C. – Happy Buyers

As I said before, Jose Santamaria is an awesome realtor and he helped us out with our 1031 exchange Property. Mr. Santamaria just sold our house in 6 1/2 hours with multiple offers and we are grateful, thank you Jose you are awesome.

Linda and Bob H.